Thursday, September 24, 2009

pain of separation

here i am sitting at my office, shell shocked, after hearing that one of my friends is getting separated from her husband....she recently had a little boy and it came as a complete shock....the breaking of any marriage is extremely painful but probably more so if it is a love marriage....

the understanding which propells u to date, and even decide to get married and spend the rest of your lives together either with/without ur parent's consent.....what happened to that? won't u know the differences, won't u think about the potential pitfalls? wouldn't you get into it being aware of the strengths and shortcomings? and if u are aware, then u know that it is a problem which u foresaw and so why wouldnt you work on it?? or if it is irreconcilable then why get married in the first place???

when i was discussing this with my friend, this is what he felt....u need to be far sighted when it comes to a life long commitment..u need to weigh a lot of factors, think far, look at compatibility, the compromises u'd need to make if any, and how far u cud deal with that......a lot of such factors. We just cant be blind in love and get married considering the past......the rosy days u've spent with each other. When it comes to marriage, past doesnt play a role (isn't that ironical??)......gotta be calculative and think abt the future.

how well can you really know a person? each one of us have different barriers and we let a few barriers down for a few people but rarely do we completely reveal ourselves to there is no way that u can know 100% of a matter how long you have dated....the maximum we can know is a person's habit and general mode of behaviour and way of thinking (if we are inituitive, that is)...the one reason which probably leads to failed marriages could be a lack of willingness to compromise....maybe that is why arranged marriages have a higher rate of success than love marriages, though looking at it from a logical point of view it should be the other way since we would have gotten an opportunity to know our partners before hand in love marriages. Ironical, that it is the opposite!!

well come what may, life goes on.....and here is an ode to life!!!

movie: mussanje maathu
singer: Sonu nigam
Actors: Sudeep, Ramya

enaagali munde saagu nee bayasiddella sigadu baaLali
bayasiddella sigadu baaLali.....
nannaaNe nanna maatu suLLalla, nannaaNe nanna maatu suLLalla.......

chalisuva kaalavu kalisuva paaTava
mareyabeDa nee tumbiko manadali
indigo, naaLego, mundinaa baaLali
gelluvanta spoorthi daari deepa ninage aa anubhava

karuNege beleyide puNyake phalavide
dayava toruva maNNina guNavide
saavina suLiyali silukida jeevake
jeeva neeDuva hrudayave daivavu
harasida kaigaLu nammanu beLesuta
vidhiya barahavaagi mounadalle nammanu kaayuta
prathiphala bayasade toridaa karuneyu
modalu manujanemba saarthakateya nemmadi taruvudu........


chaitanyaram athavale said...

thanks so much :-)

sudhin said...

You seem to be so good in understanding philosophy of life. Your dear and near ones should be so proud of you. Keep it up Anu

Ram Mohan said...

I like the way Anu Explained abt it in her own words...It jus tuk me to somewer else...

subramanya mallela said...

Kannada lipi please