Thursday, September 10, 2009

back with a bang??? - aaha entha aa kshaNa!!

helllooooo world!!!!

here i am, once again...but this time after a long hiatus....hmm....i have a weakness, which is probably shared by millions around the world....when there is no specific direction, i drift apart which is what happened with my blog too....i had the enthusiasm in the beginning which gradually faded :-D...but now i am here with a purpose....i am going to encourage people to send me their requests for kannada songs lyrics.....i have a good grasp of the language and hence will be able to give accurate lyrics....if possible with a translation included...when i was browsing thru for the lyrics, i found very few websites dedicated solely to kannada lyrics....well here is my humble attempt.....

and here is the very first of my favourites from the movie akash starring puneeth rajkumar and the lovely ramya!!!!

Movie: Akash
Singer: Shreya Goshal/Chitra (there are two versions)
Actors: Puneeth, Ramya

aaha entha aa kshaNa, nenedare tallaNa
tannantaane edeyali, preetiya narthana
idu yavaga hegaaithu yaake antha gotte aagalilla
ee preethili enintha maayamanthra ondu tiLiyalilla

kaNgaLa maatige tuTigaLu mounavu
hrudayavu beretare uLidavu gouNavu
nenneyavaregu naa hego idde, naa bere nee bere antidde
nepamaathrake eraDu deha ide, adaroLagiro praaNavu onde
ee praaNane ninagaagi meesaliDuve baaro nanna geLeya
ninna preetige eLeLu janmadallu muDipu nanna hrudaya........

nadigaLu oDive kaDalanu seralu
chaithrava kaadive hoogaLu araLalu
sangeetha saahitya ondaadanthe haalalli beretiruva jenanthe
soojiya hindiruva daaradanthe naa baruve jotheyaagi neraLanthe
ee preetiyu ee namma baaLinalli endu heege irali
ninna preetine nannedeya jyotiyaagi endu beLagutirali.....

(if u spot any mistakes, please let me know :-))


investwiz said...

Hi Anu,

Good attempt! Found your blog from google while searching for lyrics..actually i am looking for some translation - I cant understand the song but keep hearing to it since i like the composition and the tune!

Thanks in advance.

anu - the queen bee (yeah rite) said...


here is the rough translation of the is a lot more poetic than this though :-))

aah what a scintillating moment!!
the remembrance of which evokes a thrill...
Within my heart, i can feel
an involuntary rhythm of beats....
I never realised when, how and why it happened
Nor did I understand the magic of this sweet love...

the lips remain silent watching the eyes converse,
the world remains still watching the hearts merge,
it was a different me till yesterday,
thinking that U and I are separate,
never realised our bodies are coincidental
but the souls are one and the same....
let me lay my life aside for you, o my dear friend
my love is for you and only u,
for the next generations to come....

the rivers eagerly await to join the ocean
as the flowers eagerly await the arrival of spring
like the harmony of melody and words,
like the blend of honey and milk,
my love will follow you like a shadow
like a needle weaving the thread of silk
let this love remain in our lives forever
let this light of your love glow in my heart for ever......

investwiz said...

Thanks Anu,

It is indeed very poetic!

shiva said...

Hi Anu,

Thanks a lot again.One of my favourites off late.Yeah you are right,it's pretty hard to find the lyrics for kannada songs.Keep up good work :)

Anonymous said...

There is lovely song -
'nOdi ninna anda chenda, chandamama nAchininta". I want to know from which film it is. And the singer.Can anyone pl email me?

Ravikumar Hugar said...

Hi Anu,

I appreciate your sincere effort in promoting our beautiful language and what better way than selecting one of the best songs out there. Its my favorite song. Thanks a lot for sharing the lyrics and the translation.

Ravikumar Hugar